27 Mar 2015

Awards & Prize

1. 2nd Place by Nashville Arts Magazine 5th Annual Photography Competition, Nashville/ America (2014)

2. Runner Up by Oxford University COMPAS (Centre On Migration, Policy and Society) Visual Arts Competition, Oxford / England (2014)

3. Finalist by Cumberland Gallery / "Life As I See It" Photography Competition,Tennessee/ America (2014)

4. Shortlisted by 9.88 Ultra Short Movie Challenge / Scotland 

4 Oct 2014

Widening Cycle: A Menstrual Cycle & Reproductive Art

June 4 – 6, 2015
Suffolk University Law School
120 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108

March 4, 2015 – The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (SMCR) and the Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights are pleased to present Widening the Cycle: A Menstrual Cycle & Reproductive Justice Art Show. This bold collection comprised of artworks created by 38 artists from 10 countries reflects a growing demand from menstruaters for a new perspective on periods, one that is no longer rooted in silence or shame. This thematic exploration of the menstrual cycle and issues related to reproductive justice will be on display June 4-6, 2015 at the Suffolk University Law School.

Widening the Cycle is a social justice art show that threads together global voices to raise consciousness about menstruation and reproductive justice through feminist art. After attending the 2013 SMCR conference, emerging artist Jen Lewis was inspired to curate a visual art exhibit that would connect artists with activists, advocates and academics in order to affect maximum social change. Menstruation is a human right that must be made visible in order to become part of the bigger gender equality discussion.

This unique group exhibition features painting, photography, installation, sculpture and multimedia works. Participating artists include: Hiba Ali, Diana Álvarez, Dana Baker, Holly Bittner, Danielle Boodoo-Fortune, Gabriella Boros, Byron Keith Byrd, Mod Cardenas, Stephanie Dragoon, Derya Erdem, Alicia Everett, Johanna Falzone, Tiffany Paige Gaudet, Ingrid Goldbloom-Bloch, Suzy Gonzalez, Virginia Kennard, Jess Larson, Tory Leeming, Jen Lewis, Isabelle Lutz, Lucy Madeline, Phoebe Man, Sarah Maple, Elaine Marie, Sadie Mohler, Petra Paul, Victoria Paige, Kyle Peterson, Sara Raca, Dafna Rehavia, Mary Rouncefield, Gwenn Seemel, Giuliana Serena, Nichole Speciale, Jena Tegeler, Jennifer Weigel and Deb Wiles, and features the Exquisite Uterus Resistance Project.

Curator and exhibition planner, Jen Lewis is Conceptual Artist and Menstrual Designer behind Beauty in Blood, a bold, transformative macrophotography project that confronts social taboos pertaining to menstruation and the female body. The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (SMCR) is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1979 by a multidisciplinary group of women who were pioneers in understanding the centrality of menstrual cycle research to women’s health. Founded in 2003, the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights (CWHHR) at Suffolk University is the first academic institute in the United States to focus on women's health and human rights in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and public policy.

For more information on Widening the Cycle art and artists visit www.wideningthecycle.com. Additional information on the SMCR conference can be found at www.menstruationresearch.org

13 Aug 2014

Circle Of  Transient Realms

Video Installation

Duration: 11:37

  • VIDEOFORMES 2015 30th International Festival, Clermont, Ferrand/  France / 2015
  • "Surrealism & Story Telling" Dubuque Area Arts Collective, Dubuque/ America / 2014

6 Aug 2014


Video Installation
Duration: 10 sec

Shortlisted for 9.88 Ultra Short Movie Challange/ Scotland. 

7 Jun 2014


Kiss Me Deadly,  2014

Newlyn & Exchange Art Gallery

New Work by Derya Erdem

Private View:  Friday 13th June 6-8pm.  

"A body of new work by artist Derya Erdem"

 Derya’s work explores the often uncanny territory of dreams, revealing glimpses of potential possibilities, and the often overlooked reality of our lives. 

 “Inspired by repetitive dreams, the subconscious mind and illusion, my recent work is a realm of perception, reality and obscured states,” explains Erdem.  

 “Combining elements of paintings and photography these mixed media works reconstruct familiarities of our physical world and emotional dimensions of personal memories.” 


21 Feb 2014


Solo Exhibition

Bridport Arts Centre
25th Feb-29th March/ 2014
South Street,
DT6 3 NR

5 Feb 2014


Group exhibition
2nd/8th February